Epoch by Jamie Daws - Free Ebook


Have a playing card keep jumping under your watch.


You ask a spectator to choose a playing card, before losing it into your deck of cards. Almost instantly, without any odd moves, the playing card appears under your watch!


Even though you keep putting it back into the deck of playing cards, it just wants to keep appearing under your wristwatch.

Do you already perform a coin under watch trick? If not, you should do! Epoch complements any coin under watch magic trick, with a great commercial routine allowing you to perform this with your playing cards! This also works great with most ambitious card routines!


As well as a stand alone magic trick, Epoch can fit into most of your other card magic trick routines, so it's a great way to expand a trick. At any time during your trick, load a playing card under your own wristwatch as you spread the deck of cards between your hands. It's a magical shock for the audience and exciting to do!


This ebook will teach you:


The PDF ebook works you through all the moves. Including HD studio shot photo's to make learning easy. You will also get a link on the 'content page' of the ebook that will take you to an extra streaming HD video from The Merchant of Magic, that will guide you through learning Epoch. It will show you the moves in action, how it should look, and every step along the wa


Includes video tutorials of each exercise


Download the Free eBook:


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'Epoch is a great way to learn a card under watch routine, that you can perform as a stand alone trick, or insert directly into your existing material.' Epoch may not be right for you. It will need you to learn and use some sleight of hand. Nothing out of the grasp anyone willing to apply some time to learning. However, if you just want to find out the secret, and start performing this the same day, then move on. This one is special.' - MoM Team