Free Ebook: Choosing a Magic Set for a Child


Choosing The best magic set for a child


Learning magic is a great activilty for children, It boosts self-esteem, develops creativity and study skills that will serve them well in later life. It's also a social activity and a shared experience for the whole family.

Choosing a magic set can be a mine field! Will it be the right age range for the child? Are the magic tricks going to be good? Will the child actually learn to perform the tricks, or just scatter them around the house?

We have put together a free ebook guide giving you practical advice for choosing the right set, motivating your child to learn the tricks and turning the experience into a family activity. It includes:

  • Which set is right for you
  • Suitable ages
  • Learning together
  • How to get the most from your set
  • Becoming the magician
  • Teaching the 'Magicians Code'
  • Putting on a show
  • Magic sets magicians recommend
  • Suggested books, DVD's and tricks
  • And much more

As well as giving you tips on how to use the magic set you choose, the guide also suggests our most highly recommended choices, as well as suggestions of individual books, DVD's and magic tricks your child will love.


If you require any help downloading this free ebook, or if you have any magic related questions, the team at the Merchant of Magic are standing by to help. Simply visit the Customer Care Section of the site.