How To Learn Magic Tricks - Free Ebook

The Merchant of Magic team have written a 36 page free ebook showing you how you can get the most from the next magic trick you decide to learn. Written by professional magicians, 'How to learn magic tricks' leads you from the second you first receive the trick, to your first performance.

You will be taught:
  1. Why you were drawn to that magic trick
  2. All about Instant miracles
  3. Using the creator as a resource
  4. How to get the most from magic forums
  5. The right way to use a practice drill
  6. What they don't tell you in the instructions
  7. Fitting it in to your existing material
  8. How to make it right for you
  9. Important things you will need to change
  10. Video in your training
  11. What you really need to do next
  12. and much more

Designed for both beginners and professionals. 'How to learn magic tricks' will help fast track you to an expert performance.

The Merchant of Magic provides guides, support and services to magicians wanting to improve their magic. As well as a huge magic shop, we also offer free support and advice to make you a better magician.

To download your copy of 'How To Learn Magic Tricks' simply complete the form on the right hand side of this page and we will instantly email the ebook to you.


'I recently downloaded the free ebook “How to Learn Magic Tricks” from you. I read it and was very pleased with the excellent advice and recommendations provided.' - James Thomas

'Rarely do I get excited about the many free e-books I am sent through the different dealers of magic I do business with. While most of them are okay, the majority of them are just a way to get me exited about spending my money on something else.

Today I was read an e-book from The Merchant of Magic titled "How to Learn Magic Tricks." Simple enough title. So I thought I would give it a look. I'm glad I did.

This e-books not only talks about the best ways to learn magic tricks, but also how to purchase and perform them. It goes into the "why"s of magic. Why did you purchase this trick? Why are your feelings about your purchase often different once you learned the "secret"? What questions should you ask yourself when purchasing "the next big thing." And what is the 20/20/20 method?

I'm not associated with The Merchant of Magic in any way, but I want to recommend you to read it. It's a fast, fun read and I believe there is something in this e-book for everyone to learn no matter how long you've been performing.' - Don Schockow