Performing Magic to You Family and Friends - Free Ebook

The pitfalls of showing magic to your friends


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Magic is all about performing. It's great fun to amaze your family and friends and can really help you get experience

and develop as a magician. However, there are unique challenges facing any magician showing magic tricks to people that they know. This free ebook discusses these problems and gives you practical advice on how to overcome and avoid them. Written by professional

magicians, it is suitable for anyone learning magic.


The free 26 page ebook will teach you how to deal with many problems that can occur when performing magic tricks to your family and friends including:

  1. How to deal with the fact they know you are not magic
  2. How to deal with 'grabbing'
  3. Being the centre of attention
  4. The 'Do another' question
  5. How not to 'spill the beans'
  6. Important tips and advice

You will also get advice on what to learn next, and taking your magic on to the next level.

The Merchant of Magic provides guidance, support and services to magicians wanting to improve their magic. As well as a huge magic shop, we also offer free support and advice to make you a better magician.

'The e-book is really great, and practical. Everything an amateur magician goes through and how to deal with it. A great work. Thank you.' - Harin. K



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