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Finding the right 'first step' to learning professional quality card tricks can be hard. There are many DVDs and magic books on the subject of self working tricks already. However, these are often full of poor quality mathematical tricks and can be very hard to learn from. 


 MoM would like to invite you to try out this collection for free. It will show you just how it will set you on the right path to learning card magic.


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The Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks DVD is our recommended source for beginners wanting to learn professional quality card tricks, without having to worry about sleight of hand. We think you will love it! So, we would like you to try it out for free. You will receive one of the tricks from the DVD instantly, and some great tips and advice to get the most of the learning experience. No purchase is required, it's given to you totally free so you can test drive the magic you will learn if you pick up the DVD.
Ultimate self working card tricks DVD

     You will receive the following:

  • Your own private link to watch the full performance and explanation of a great trick on the DVD.

  • Get full tuition so you can perform it right away! All you will need is your own deck of playing cards.

  • We will also send you extra magic from the DVD and some great tips to help improve your card technique.



'Demo had me floored, just awesome! Gotta have this' - Piz, Chicago

'I have recieved this today. This is really good stuff. Excellent production and a really good selection of tricks. Superb, highly recommended.' - Rob Willett ‘
'Just wanted to let you know to know how amazed I am about the quality of the tricks included.' - Daniel Lagerman

'I've never gone to the effort of writing a review for products I've bought here before, but this one is just epic, it's outstanding. I don't have the vocabulary to do this DVD justice.

Brill-iantly put together disc of card effects that are so easy and genuinely self working a novice can do them, but they deliver a really professional finish with massive impact.

Great for working around tables at an event, at parties, or impressing your friends. There are a couple in here that you can use to target those friends who always think they can guess how to do it! - O. Jenkins


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