In the world of magic, one thing that sets a magician apart from someone who just performs magic tricks is the ability to understand and implement the power of misdirection. Understanding misdirection will allow you to make your performance more powerful, more effective, and will leave a lasting impression with your audience.

It makes you a better performer. However, it is the ‘unspoken’ art within magic, and finding good theory and resources on the topic is hard to come by. In this book, you will learn exactly what misdirection is.

You will learn the 4 key principles that are involved, and you will understand how you can incorporate them into your existing and new magic routines.

  1.  The Off Beat
  2.  The Eyes
  3.  Your Eyes
  4.  Justification of Movement

This book is aimed at magicians who would like to improve their basic understanding of the principles involved in misdirection. It is deliberately designed to help you understand and implement these techniques quickly and efficiently without too much theory. So with that in mind . . . let’s get misdirecting!


'Before I read it I didn't understand misdirection, It has given me an insight into how magic is performed. For example I never understood  how the magic trick The Topsy Turvey Card worked,  the first trick in the Royal Road to Card Magic, until I read this ebook and learned about the off beat and relaxing.' - R Lawson


'Just to let you know, that I am still enjoying practicing my magic. The ebook on misdirection that you've sent me had really helped my understanding of how I should portray/perform my routine. Thanks!' -  M Ontong


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