Advice from Professional Magicians

Learning magic can be quite a challege. There are lots of sources to learn how to do magic tricks, but very few good guides to help improve your practice and how you present your magic to the public.

The Merchant of Magic has asked professional magicians to give tips and advice for beginners on a wide range of problems magicians face when they start performing magic.



Would you like one of the magicians to answer your question?

  • Do you need help creating a flowing routine?

  • Want to find the most effective practice program?

  • Have a question about performing your magic to the public?

  • Not sure how to begin learning sleight of hand?

  • Need advice on handling spectators?

  • Looking for information on scripting, patter and presentation?

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The team would love to hear from you, and will try to help you overcome the problem that might be holding you back from developing an a performer. The service is totally free, it's the magic shops way of paying back the magic community for the help and support it has given over the years, to help it grow.

We won't disclose the methods and secrets of a magic trick, but we will provide you expert advice to make mastering magic as easy for you as possible.


What we do with your questions.

We read each and every question that is sent to us and will take then and try to answer them on the Merchant of Magic Blog the Vlog on this page and our audio podcast. Don't worry, we won't use your name unless you specifically tell us that it is OK for us to do so.

As well as helping you with that specific question, the team will send you our advice newsletter that goes out every month or so. You can opt out of it at any time. The newsletter will be customised to your exact interests in magic and contains useful artiles about learning magic and improving your performance. Suitable for all skill levels, it's a great way to get new ideas about magic and to learn from the issues other magicians are facing.